Maintenance & Service

Rimskys-Horns works only with originally parts for his repairs of the specific instrument-Brand in question.

To get the best possible price - quality relation for his customers we always communicate optimal with our Customers.

On request you will get our prices for small and large repair- assignments.

It could occur that these price indications sometimes are internal different with the same horn types. This because of the different conditions of the individual instruments when brought in at our repair-shop.

When you buy a used horn there will be always guarantee and service. Of course only when the instrument is treated properly. 

By buying a new instrument there will be of course also the guarantee and service of the factories themselves.

Are you interested in one or more horns and are you not able to come to Soest, then, on request, we will come to you!!

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is done by an ultrasonic machine that uses high vibrations generated with a Piëzo element. These vibrations create tensile and compressive stress. This creates vacuum bubbles in the ultrasonic bath, also known as the cavitation effect. The cleaning agent in the bath then loosens the contamination from the instrument or part.

The combination of a suitable cleaning agent and the implosion of the vacuum bubbles ensures a perfectly cleaned product. In addition, surfaces that are difficult to reach are also cleaned effortlessly with this cleaning method.

After your instrument has been in the ultrasonic bath, it is completely cleaned inside and out. This is especially an advantage for valve and cylinder work. All limescale has been removed.

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